Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Going Hybrid

We bought a new car today!  Yaaaay!  I've always been a "buy a good used car and drive it into the ground" kinda girl, but Eric believes in buying a new car and trading it in every five years.  Some lucky friend ends up buying Eric's used car, which he sells at the lowest dealer offer.  It just makes sense to have someone we know profit from Eric's good nature.

I put Eric onto Toyota years ago.  I've been driving them for 30 years now, and only cheated on them once with an unfortunate Acura.  When I met Eric, he was driving a beautiful Volks Jetta TDI that was an utter and total hanger-queen.  This car needed new bearings at 70,000 km, a new electrical system, and just had so many bugs that when he'd bring the car in for servicing (which was EVERY MONTH), the owner of our local Volks dealership would walk towards him with the keys from her car and silently press them into his hands, and shake her head in dismay.  It was pathetic.  After the TDI saga, Eric bought my ancient Toyota Corolla which he drove for years.  I think together we put over 500,000 kilometres on it.  It was so old that when our mechanic finally refused to work on it, we knew it was time.  Eric bought a new Toyota Echo and never looked back.

Something you need to know about Eric: he can afford a bigger car.  He can afford a more expensive car, but when you're parking your car at an airport for days at a time, driving a BMW or Mercedes just screams "scratch me!"  Eric even had the hubcaps stolen off his Yaris one year.  Imagine what would happen to a nicer car?  It would probably be stripped and up on blocks.  For Eric, the Echo was a means to an end.  Driving a smaller car meant smaller payments, smaller repairs, smaller gas bills.  It meant paying the house off faster.  (Yes, we had a mortgage burning party.  Forgot to tell you about it).  Eric does not live vicariously through his car.  It gets him from A to B and if it can handle a 2 x 4, all the better.  And when the time came to change cars, Eric surprised me.  He went out and bought a new Yaris, the updated Echo for those of you not familiar with Toyota.

You should also know that Eric and I do not really consult each other when we buy cars.  We're pretty independent, we know each other enough to trust that we won't come home with...well...another Acura.  (Eric warned me, he really did.  I was not ready to listen).  Today, however, I got to give input.  On the colour.  Why, I'm not sure because Eric ended up choosing the colour he wanted, not the colour I wanted.  I told him that I'd buy it from him in 5 years if he took a silver car, but he took blue instead.  Oh well.  I tried.  Better luck next time.

I'm sure you're just sitting there with bated breath, wondering what we ended up buying?  The new 2016 Prius!  We are in love!  And this car is so hot, so in demand, that even getting to test drive it is next to impossible.  One came into the dealership today, so we had our chance.  Off we went!  Up and down the highway, through a bit of construction (impossible to avoid, this is Montreal after all.  It will be a great city when they finally finish it.  We've been saying that since Expo '67) and back to the dealership.  Whoohoo!  Whodathunk?  The car is wonderful and we really, really enjoyed it.  Rather, I should say, Eric enjoyed it.  I just sat there, clutching my purse the whole time, too afraid to put my winter boots on the nice new mat.  I'm like that.  I did however tell Eric that I'm going to be dropping him off at the airport a whole lot more often,  just so I can keep his car.  That's not happening right now.  Eric can keep his Yaris.  I'm very happy with my Matrix.

The only downside?  The car will be delivered in June.  Just in time for my next update.

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