Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall Colours

We've had a wonderful fall! Beautiful colours, sunny days, and a bit of time to work on outside projects. No major accomplishments save for having finished planting our wind break. We planted over 100 trees - pines, oaks and ash - that were given to us by the Ministry of Agriculture to help create wind breaks. We are doing our part. We still have a few trees left that we planted in the vegetable plot, and we'll transplant these next spring as replacements for any winter-kill.

The kittens are keeping us busy. We weren't prepared for the level of attention and time 4 young kittens would need.

This is Poppy:

Can you tell she's here to stay? She's just the most snorgle-riffic kitten I have ever seen. Besides her angelic expression, her fur is one of her cutest features. It has almost a fake-fur quality to it, and makes her look like a little Furby.

Our entire house has been cat-proofed. Cooper needs to be kept apart from Plumette because she very defensive of her kittens, and now that they are getting older and more mobile, we've had to literally cover our couches in blankets, hang our curtains up over their rods, and prevent them from climbing upstairs and wreaking havoc in the construction zone. They have 2 play-attacks a day, once in the morning when we get up, and again in the evening before going to bed. I can't recall being woken by them once because they were playing in the middle of the night, something that sort of surprised me. They'd come over and see us if we woke up in the middle of the night and went downstairs to the bathroom, but we'd just ignore them and they'd go right back to the kitten mosh pit and sleep. It seems they have their own code of conduct.

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