Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Clean your Wood Stove Glass the Eco Way

Move over commercial wood stove glass cleaner.  There's a better option in town, and it'll cost you 2 pieces of paper towel and some H2O:

Observe the morning after a nice, comforting fire.  Your glass is bound to be dirty.  There's a quick and easy solution.  Grab two pieces of paper towel, and a spray bottle filled with tap water.
I'm cheap so I use those choose-a-size towels.  Two little pieces will do for me.   Give the (cold) door a quick spritz, and the folded paper towel too.
Then dip your moistened paper towel in some white ash, and go to town on the door.
That's IT.  I mean it.  Spray your door with your water bottle once more, and remove the residue with your clean paper towel.  I've been doing this for years, and I promise you it's so much easier than those drippy, messy commercial cleaners.
VoilĂ !  Sparkling perfection.  Everything in life should be this inexpensive and easy.  Total time, start to finish?  A grand total of 3 minutes, photos included.

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