Sunday, April 18, 2010

Poppet Power

Poppy, aka Popina, aka the Poppet with the Moppet is the kitten we kept from Plumette's litter. Plumie found a home in the throes of cat-luxury with an old family friend. She is happy and healthy, and doesn't have to worry about having repeated litters of kittens and spending her nights out in the cold. She's a happy indoor cat now, fawned over by an elderly lady who thinks the world of her.

Popina, the little power-house of kitten cuteness, has a drive like no other:

Gaining access to the great out-of-doors is her prime objective in life. She's only 8 months old and is still too young for unsupervised visits outside, but given the opportunity, she bolts out of the house, her little paws barely touching the ground as she flies out the front door. We race out in hot pursuit, trying to corral her back into the house again. The little bugger is fast, and knows she can take shelter if she runs under one of our cars in the driveway, looking at us with beady eyes and a knowing glance as we flail our outstretched arms in the hopes of grabbing her. Obviously, these moments happen when we're already running late and have time-sensitive obligations to attend to.

Right now, she's preoccupied by the pair of grackles building their nest in the gutter over the kitchen window. She sits in the window frame, making furtive little sounds as the grackles bring their sticks and grasses to line their nest.

Just wait until the swallows come back...I think she'll really enjoy watching them as they swoop by the kitchen window.

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Shepherd's Loft said...

It makes me glad to know we're not the only ones whose pets have many names. cute Poppy!

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