Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yet More Sunset

Here is today's:
It's -20C outside right now, and we probably have a ways to go before we reach our low for tonight.  The revised Environment Canada forecast gives us a guesstimate of -24C for tonight, which is hideously cold.  The thermometer will tell us the truth tomorrow morning, but if I had to bet, I'm putting my money down on -28C.

Tonight's sunset was incredible.  I fumbled the camera with bare hands, and within seconds, my fingers were numb.  The things I won't do to get a half-decent picture.  The colours were spectacular, and every pastel shade was somewhere to be found.  The snow squealed beneath my feet as I turned on my heels to high-tail it inside, and even Cooper was on 2 paws by the time I opened the door.  I was outside for all of 30 seconds, so that should tell you something.

Considering we've had a mild winter thus far, I won't complain, and with +7C and rain in the forecast for next Tuesday, I can realistically say there's light at the end of this proverbial tunnel.  This cold snap shall pass before long.

Our upstairs is toasty-warm.  It's 21.5C in the spare bedroom, and that's without the heat on.  Just the heat from the wood stove working its way upstairs is enough to keep things more than comfortable now that the renovations are mostly complete.  I am so thankful that the other half of our house is liveable, and that we can safely leave paint cans upstairs without fear of them freezing.

Besides, when it's registering +27C beside the wood stove, and I have 3 cats surrounding me like bookends, (albeit Cooper's watching me with disgust because the cats seem to be getting all the attention these days), what's there to complain about?  There's a steady flow of wonderful hardwood - mostly ash these days - sort of high-octane wood stove fodder - to keep us warm.  Throw some nice knitting on the needles, a good book within reach, and another day to sleep in, and all is right with the world.


Ron said...

That's a spectacular sunset. We used to live in Minnesota... I have a lot of good memories of hiking across a lake while watching the sun set. I've kinda missed the cold this winter. At least it got cold enough to fire up the woodstove and make soup, I guess that's good enough. Time for spring now. :)

Shim Farm said...

Yup, Minnesota...that's cold...but like we all say, it's a dry cold! I swear Ron, it's so cold outside, it's brutal. I'm thankful the furthest I need to go tomorrow is to the woodshed.

Time for spring any day now LOL!

Demelza said...

Your dedication is admirable! When I see a beautiful sunset the camera is usually nowhere nearby and by the time I find it, the colours have faded.

I love LOOKING at the snow but I don't miss it at all...

Shim Farm said...

Hi Demelza, I hope you enjoy Spain all the more, having endured cold English winters!

I like snow too - but by the middle of March - I'll be ecstatic if it's gone.

And with -24C this morning, (just like the forecast said), it is unreal just how cold it is. It'll take me longer to get dressed to walk to the woodshed than it will take me to physically walk there, but there is no compromise unfortunately. That's what I dislike about anything below -20C.

I think I might have to retire somewhere warm, that's what I'm thinking right about now.

Robin said...

How beautiful. I don't envy those temps though.

Shim Farm said...

Yeah, generally, the prettier the sunset, the colder the temperature, unfortunately. I could get used to your PNW climate in a hurry. Except for the rain LOL.

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