Thursday, March 1, 2012

In Like a Lion

This is what greeted me when I pulled open the curtains this morning:

Snow.  Lots of it.
There's just something rude 'n crude about snow stuck to the window.  But there you have it.  Welcome to Montreal in March.  Now you know why I leave the Christmas lights up until's a sanity-saving technique for days like this.

The good news is that neither of us had to work today, so we got to hunker down and keep the home fires burning (or the home fries burning, as I like to jest).

We've had an easy winter so far.  Our accumulation started right before Christmas, so we can really say we've had 9 or 10 weeks of snow so far this winter.  That's a joke by normal standards, and I consider it lucky that we've gotten off so easily.  But that's where March comes in.  It's a wet month, and with temps hovering below freezing, snow is inevitable.  We sometimes get more snow in March than the other months combined.  We've started off March well, having received about 8" or 20 cm today.
Eric left the tractor outside, so if need be, we can dig our way out with the front loader.  As it was, our snow removal contractor came by early in the morning and again in the evening.  This storm was different, though.  All the snow came from the east which is a change of pace for us.  Normally it comes from the west, and we get lots of blowing snow.  Not today.  That means that the end of our driveway was virtually clean, and when the snow plow passed, the snow blew over the field across the street, and not onto our property.  I can't tell you how many times I've come home from work and haven't been able to make it down the driveway.  It's just so disheartening when that happens.

Just for the heck of it, I've zoomed in the following street sign, right from the kitchen window while wearing a bathrobe, during a white-out to boot.  Doesn't get more pathologically lazy and Canadian than that, eh?
Can you make it out?  The top one sports a road on the left side of the sign, with a snowmobile crossing it.  That's to warn us motorists that a speeding skidoo might become a hood ornament if neither of us are paying attention.  And by the looks of the fatalities this year, the Ministry of Transport might want to put a bit more funding into their education program.  Maybe part of the problem is the fact that all bars and pubs are well indicated on the Quebec trail network, which is only 33,000 km long.  That's 22,500 miles of trail, with seemingly every damn establishment with a liquor license clearly marked.  Maybe I'm the only one to see the irony in that, or maybe it's a subversive way of adding a bit of bleach to the gene pool.  The bottom sign shows both a car and skidoo.  That means that both vehicles are supposed to share the road, since the skidoo trail and road are one and the same on this section of the street.

Anyhow, it's just a little curiosity and glimpse into the land of the skidoo.  Apropos for a snowy day.

So there you have it.

Despite March having come in like a roaring lion, we hope the adage proves true, and that it will go out like a docile little frolicking lamb.  I'd like to take the Christmas lights down before Easter.


Miriam said...

Personally I think Christmas lights should be left up ALL year!

Even though I love where I live, I sometimes miss all the snow I grew up with on the prairies, and then living in Montreal and Toronto - especially when I see your beautiful photos!

Shim Farm said...

Trust me Miriam, it gets old FAST. Tomorrow morning, when I'm digging my way to the car, I'll be cursing a blue-streak.

Let's just live vicariously through each other's blogs, shall we?

I am so jealous of your climate, you have no clue. I'd travel to Victoria often, then leave the beautiful cherry blossoms in January, and return to three months more snow. It's cruel and I'm not built for it! I know the rain is prohibitive out west, but it's verdant and alive. I sometimes feel like I spend half of my life stagnant instead of vibrant, and I blame the weather!

Mind you, sitting beside the wood stove, knitting and a good book close by, there is some appeal to winter!

And when spring does finally arrive, and the glacier recedes, the euphoria is palpable. Suddenly, everyone is in a good mood and everything's alright with the world again...

Ron said...

We could use a lot more precip down here, but I'd prefer it not be the white kind.

Although... that would mean being stuck indoors reading a book all day... which does sound pretty good right now...

Robin said...


Shim Farm said...

Hi Ron - yeah, more white crap on the way! Time to hunker down, but it's wearing thin. Hope you get some much needed rain, without the devastating wind.

Robin - pretty wasn't the word I used this morning as I dug my car out...

Demelza said...

Oooooh....I'm sure you're fed up with all that snow now...even with the fire, wool, cats and books. I don't envy you one bit....sorry!

If the saying is true then I think we're in for a long, long spring as the weather here turned mild at the start of the month (typical)which could mean a long time to summer...oh well, could be a lot worse I'm sure. Have a lovely weekend.

Shim Farm said...

Hi Demelza, this morning I woke up to...rain...and when I checked the radar, there's a huge squall line with winds up to 90 km/h just *that far* away. This is the tail-end of the system that caused so many tornadoes through the US yesterday. The house is already starting to creak, and I can hear large chunks of ice falling from the roof. Of course I also *just* let little Tessie and Big Bob outside, but I know they're in the barn beside the house, playing tag with each other, so they're safe.

I guess that's our spring, hovering between snow and rain.

But I am worried about all those storms through the US. It seems the storms are increasing in magnitude and frequency, and the "tornado season" has just begun. We invariably get the tail-end of these storms, which isn't the issue, so much as the human suffering and damage that is created in tornado alley.

Have a wonderful weekend, too! Enjoy your beautiful Spanish weather and the changing landscape.

Sue at the Little Shack said...

I am so happy to have found your blog! I'm over in BC and love finding other Canadian bloggers! The pictures of your snowy day are making me homesick. I'm visiting family on Vancouver Island and although we have had a couple of snow days here (wet and slushy snow), back home at the Little Shack, hubby says we've gotten another 1 1/2 feet of fluffy flakes. I'm missing the pristine whiteness of winter there. But, I'll be back home in a few days and can enjoy it for a while before we start the spring melt. I hope you'll stop by for a visit at the Little Shack on the Hill!

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