Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer, Thus Far

It goes without saying I've been a crappy blogger.  Without further ado,  here are some photos:

It's been hot and dry.  Unlike many areas of Canada and the US, we've always had a good dumping of rain just in the nick of time, each and every time.  This hay was cut and baled on the same day, a rarity around these parts, where hay normally needs to dry at least a day or two before baling.

You might be able to make out the huge light-standard on the left-hand side of the photo.  This is the new extension of Highway 540 south, AKA Highway 30.  We don't call it the "30 in 30" for nothing - we've been waiting since the 80's for this highway to be built.  Work began in earnest three years ago, and this part of the highway is slated to open this December.

I'm not sure I'm eager to see just how much light those light-standards are going to give off, though.

And because I can't get enough of round bales of hay, here's the field on the other side of the road.

I'll say it again:  the weather this summer has been perfect.

No. Let me take that back.  We've had a lot of tornado warnings this summer, and a lot of wonky radar images that proved a bit troubling, but our general area was spared from really high winds and hail.  This time.
We have a new little JD lawn tractor.  I call her Fawn.  (Get it?  Baby Deer?)  Apparently, Fawn is my birthday present, but I'm still not buying that little gesture.  Ain't.  Buying.  It.

Fawn makes it possible, though, to make the grounds look semi-clean in record time.  Little Fawn is like a go-cart, but with the added bonus of blades.
I get excited about a cut lawn, okay?  Since Fawn's arrival, we were doing the lawn with the big JD and the bush-hog attachment, or my trusty walk-behind Eastman lawnmower.  I love Fawn.  Just ain't sure it's a good birthday present, Eric.

I caught a shot of this turkey vulture sunning himself on the roof of the barn.  The wingspan on these birds is from 63-72" if you believe everything you read on Wiki.  I don't need to believe it, I've seen it.  These birds are impressive.  This vulture sat there for a few moments, completely undisturbed, and then flew off, circling the farm on a thermal.

Because I am an idiot, we have a new cat:
Eric named her Capucine, which is french for nasturtium.  I don't agree on the name, so I'm calling her Cappucino.  Mostly I call her Cappie though, as a sort of compromise.  She's terribly cute and needy.  A real snuggle-muffin the likes of which this house hasn't seen in years.  She gets in my face (literally) and meows when she wants something.  Her meow features a little lisp, her tiny tongue covering her teeth in this adorable baby-cat kind of way.  Check out the hairy-ear action.  Eric always wanted a Maine Coon cat, and this is the closest we're going to get having anything pure-bred around here.  I'm all for mutts, cats and dogs and people alike.  Cappie was part of a stray cat's litter a friend was feeding, and our friend got terribly attached to her.  He couldn't keep her and suggested we take her in.  Well, twist my rubber arm.  I've got sucker written all over me.
The Bobberizer went missing for 5 full days.  I canvassed the neighbourhood, scoured internet missing pet boards, when low and behold, there he was, his little face in the window of the front door.  I haven't been that over-joyed in eons.  My Bobby, back home where he belongs.  He ate 2 tins of celebratory cat food upon his return, which led me to believe he'd been caught in a garage or shed somewhere.  At least he didn't smell of Bounce dryer sheets and cigarette smoke, and he wasn't wearing a flea collar...

Now, every time he comes into the house and I don't roll out the red carpet, he looks at me with disdain.  Sorry Bob, it's back to the mediocre dry food for you.  For some strange reason, he's actually spending the nights inside again, (albeit until 3:34 AM last night).  At 3:34, Bobby got all passive-aggressive, tap dancing on the dresser, and jingling the little pull-rings that open the night-table.  Bob has passive-aggressive down to a fine art, dontcha Bob?  Just another furry monster who has yours truly wrapped around their little paw.

Here's a double-rainbow for your viewing pleasure.  This is the view when I open up the Velux window in the master-bedroom, hence the corner of the roof in the picture.  This happens on a regular basis, so it's not that remarkable to us, but one of the rainbows was so bright I couldn't resist the photo.

Here's more proof:
See?  Awesome, isn't it?

That's been our summer in a nutshell.  I've got so many projects on so many burners that I hardly know where to start.  Stay tuned.


Demelza said...

Nice to hear how it's going for you. I'm not a brilliant blogger and when I feel in the mood to update, I can't find the right words!

Love your latest addition....looks a little like one of mine, but with a great deal more fur and a lot friendlier......ours is 50% feral.

Shim Farm said...

I know just how you feel, Demelza! I had so many drafts written already that were just a few minutes short of being posted, and somehow, time flies by and it all seems irrelevant after the fact.

I think I'm back in the blogging saddle again, though!

Little Capucine went to the vets to be spayed this morning. I dropped her off and felt terrible - she was so sad and meowing furiously. I'll be springing her out of the joint at 4:30 this afternoon - can't wait to pick her up and have her home with us again, the poor thing. I wish there was a way of explaining these things to them! She is SO needy, I haven't had a cat who's so in-your-face as this little one.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope things are going well in Spain!

Robin said...

I was wondering how you were doing. I thought you were probably just busy but I was starting to slightly get worried.

Your new cat addition is very cute. The super friendly ones are the hardest to resist. I almost came home with a cat last summer. Sometimes I still wish I had. But I called Lee and he said no, and we already had two. Somehow I bet if Lee had seen the cat in person it would have come home with us.

That is funny that you mentioned most the way finished posts. We have a bit of those too. I was just thinking that the pictures in an unfinished one we have are all outdated so its past the point of usability. sigh

I am looking forward to hearing about your projects. Lee and I haven't been doing anything ever since I acquired all-bloody-day morning sickness. He has been taking care of everything while I wish I was out doing projects and gardening.

Shim Farm said...

Hi Robin,

Sorry I got you worried with my lack of posts, but we've just been super-busy on so many fronts. Summer is so much work here, just trying to keep things in order and tidy is a job on its own. Plus, the company Eric works for is coming apart at the hinges so he's totally preoccupied with that. I've also taken on some contract work that I didn't really want to do, but it's becoming so lucrative I can't say no. All that makes for some very boring blogging!

And all those unfinished posts are going to become fodder for my Year-in-Review LOL! I'll put them to good use to reboot my brain and clean up all those drafts at the end of the year.

Little Cappie is quite the baby, let me tell you. I was dead-set against another cat, but once Eric got involved, that clinched the deal. Schatzie is still hanging on too, but I joke she just counts for 0.5 of a cat. And then, when Bob went missing, I was sure he was a goner, so I thought it was a good idea we picked up the Cappers, because she rounded things out again LOL. These cats are so funny. Little Tessie is warming up to her, and Schatzie just hisses at anything that gets in her way anyhow, but that wasn't much of a surprise.

Ahhh...the dreaded all-day-long-morning-sickness. Am I reading you correctly here? Did I miss this little nugget of information on your blog, or have you not mentioned anything yet? (And believe me, I have been reading all of your posts, just not commenting!) If I am correct, well then, congratulations are in order! Do tell all!

Hope you're feeling better soon! Let me know how you're doing...

Take care,


eagergridlessbeaver said...

hehe..cute little kitty..The weather has been the same here..dry dry dry until you think everything is going to spontaneously combust..then it rains.

No, you have not missed out on the blog post in regards to Robin either..the folks 2 went on a cross country trip and one of their stops was in Oregon for a visit with Lee and Robin and there was a group shot..I suspected as much ( that Robin might have been preggers) appears that I need to read some other blogs more as my specific knowledge is becoming stalker-like, hehe..

I have actually been talking to A* about getting a 'fawn' of our own..but that will wait until after the grass seeding..

Shim Farm said...

Hiya Beav. Your description of summer is perfect - near spontaneous combustion followed by a downpour from hell. Unreal this year. One thing is for sure - we're getting central air conditioning. We both can't take it any more, some nights we had 29C in the bedrooms upstairs, totally prohibitive and makes for a crappy night's sleep.

Now you've turned me into a stalker LOL. So I hunted down the photo you're talking about (ain't the hinternet grand?) and you're RIGHT. Yessss! Not like it's ANY of my business, but I was hoping Robin and Lee were going to hop onto the baby-making bandwagon soon LOL. The world needs more of their kind.

Your yard is really coming along nicely - I've been following your progress and I'm impressed. You've done a great job with the front deck. And really, you guys were in Montreal AGAIN and didn't drop us a line? Don't let that happen again LOL!

Robin said...

HAHAHAAAAAA! In my defence the shirt I am wearing in that picture always tends to make me look pregnant. I thought I had a particularly charming smile on my face as all I really wanted to do was hurl everywhere and die on the couch.

It is true I am pregnant. We haven't decided yet if we are going to mention it on our blog. I am at 12 weeks now and it has been a truly miserable experience. I'm blowing up like a whale because all I can do is lay on the couch or in bed and eat food. Eating is the only thing that makes me feel less hurly. At the 9 month mark they will need a fork lift to get me in the hospital. Then I'm gonna have to get my butt in gear and walk up mountains to try and lose the baby chub.

I don't know how EGB knew I was prego because guys aren't supposed to notice such things. He must have smelled the progesterone all the way from Canada. It makes me giggle that I have stalkers. Rahahaaahahaaaa. Ali and Dan were the first online blogger friends who knew because there was no way I was going to be able to hide my urpy state. I am going to say you and EGB are the other two now. So I guess you both are special. :)

Lee is terrified of children and never aspired to be a father. Our friends have been wishing kids on us for 9 years now. (I've decided when people wish that it must mean you aren't bat shit crazy.) I'm equal parts scared and excited. :)

Shim Farm said...

AWESOME, JUST AWESOME! I am so happy for you - minus the morning sickness though. I lived on ginger tea and those little linseed corn-chip crackers for like 3 months when I was pregnant, and my only craving were those disgusting hickory sticks (you might not have those in the States? That would be a good thing.) Just pass those and no one gets hurt LOL. I can barely look at hickory sticks at the grocery store without gagging even today, and those linseed crackers? I will NEVER have one of those pass my lips again LOL!

I really hope you do well during your pregnancy. I'd be on the fence too, regarding making a post, because it is a BIG announcement. I went to your blog and laughed when I saw your most recent post title "Name that Mystery Vegetable" - hahahaha - more like "Name the Mystery Baby", wahahahahaha! It's your call ultimately, but I am sure your readers would LOVE to know LOL!

So take it easy, hope you start feeling better soon!

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