Monday, October 29, 2012

Red Sky in the Morning...

...sailors take warning.
Sad news this morning to hear the venerable Nova Scotia-built tall ship HMS Bounty (replica, it should go without saying!) sank off the coast of Cape Hatteras during Hurricane Sandy.  Two crew are still reported missing.  One can only hope they had cold-water survival suits on, as was reported, and then pray for the best.

Having grown up on the Saint-Lawrence river, I can recall the times the Bounty came through the shipping channel, and even dropped anchor right in front of my child-hood house once.  Each time it - or any tall ship for that matter - would sail by, we'd grab our binoculars and run to the shore, waving at the crew like we were ship-wreak victims waiting for rescue.  We marveled at her size and her complex rigging.  Our imagination went rampant as we'd imagine climbing aboard. 

Alas, I digress, but the above photo genuinely was our sunrise on the morning of October 29th, the day Sandy will make landfall somewhere on the US east-coast before meeting the cold front sweeping in from the north-west.  Like with any tropical depression, we can expect high winds and rain, but I feel confident that we'll be spared the brunt over the next few days.

All told, we have had the most beautiful October I can ever remember.  Sunny skies, mild temperatures, and only a few glove-worthy mornings sum up the month.

And the colours!  I'm not the only one to remark that this fall has been particularly bright, with reds and yellows and oranges more vibrant than the norm.  Also, the fall colour season seemed to last longer, perhaps because we didn't see any large storms blow through the area - until now!

We'll see what Sandy has in store for us as the hours and days unfold.

In the interim, I leave you with a few parting shots of our local colours:
I love the contrast of the the yellowing ash leaves against the blue pine.
Frost-bitten hostas look just like seaweed, don't they?
Dark skies against drying grass.  The light is particularly beautiful and muted at this time of year.

These wild asters are still showing their colours.  They're pretty much the only thing blooming these days.

The sunlight filtering through red maples can't be captured in a photo.  It's luminous and glorious.
The sunsets this time of year never cease to amaze me.  Warm, humid evenings cast a peach-y glow across the fields.
Inside the house, it brightens the living room.
And inside the barn, shining through the wood below, it lights up the timber-frame.
I find it awesome how the light squeaks though the little cracks above.
There is so much harmony to be found in the landscape.  Only Mother Nature can put yellow and red and green together so perfectly.
These are the trees in the back yard at the office.  We're near an old growth forest on the flank of Rigaud mountain, and the trees there are just awe-inspiring.
We have had beautiful days, and the grass seems greener than ever.
And, last but not least, Capucine says hello.  Cool as a cucumber, this cat watches me mercilessly.  She's plotting something, waiting for me to turn my back as she makes off with yet another ball of yarn.


Miriam said...

Gorgeous colours, gorgeous photos! I spent one fall in Quebec when I was at teacher's college at McGill (plus a lot more in Ontario, but it wasn't the same) and I will always remember the awe I felt at the colours and the light and the crisp air. Here on VI it starts to rain as soon as fall hits, so all the colours happen when it's soggy, soggy, soggy. No crisp crunchy leaves, no slanted fall light. Just grey and rain. Argh!

Shim Farm said...

Ah! I was wondering if I managed to get my point across with my post! Yes, the slanted light and the air and the crisp leaves, yes yes and yes again!

It is a gorgeous time of year, and this year fall has been particularly splendid.

Sandy blew through last night, winds were howling, but we didn't lose power (can't say the same for others in the area, mainly due to downed trees). This morning, after a torrential downpour, the sun came out from behind the clouds, a huge bright rainbow popped up, and blue skies could be seen peeking out from fast-moving, low-lying clouds.

I am in awe of this season and happy you enjoyed the photos!

eagergridlessbeaver said...

yes, that is a beautiful red sky! I love fall but I wish that summer followed.

Sandy was fairly easy on us..more rain and wind than normal but no loss of power to most of the province

Ron said...

Great photos, very colorful. It's interesting to read about life in a different region.

Shim Farm said...

Hi EGB and Ron! It's a great time of year, and we've had the best weather so far. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop whenever I see those little snowflakes on the Environment Canada weather website.

EGB, glad to hear Sandy wasn't that hard on NS. We got high winds and a fair amount of rain, but nothing too prohibitive. We haven't seen the sun a lot since it blew through, though.

Robin said...

The colors there are fabulous! I do love fall colors. Then I get sad when all the trees are denuded and it just looks cold outside.

I'm glad Sandy didn't cause you any harm. Tall ships are neat so it was a bummer the HMS Bounty went down.

Shim Farm said...

Yeah, this year the colours were just magnificent. I didn't even begin to capture the beauty of the landscape with my photos, unfortunately. Near where I work, there are a lot of larch trees mixed in with pines and birch on the side of a mountain (well, what we call a mountain, you call a hill out west LOL), and the yellows were phenomenal this year. We're really lucky that we live in a very diverse area with tons of natural beauty.

We're happy we were spared Sandy's wrath, but so sad to see the destruction in the States. It's going to be a long, hard clean-up.

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