Monday, February 11, 2013

Snow Daze

Ahhh, yes.

It's mid-February, the most hap-hap-happiest time of the year.  I hope my facetiousness is shining through bright and clear.

(And I have no clue why I'm breaking into rhyme, but I'm blaming the weather for my insanity).

(And what, pray tell, is a street sign doing out in the middle of a field?  Why, it's a marker to indicate the snow mobile path).

We had another big dumping of snow last Friday.  It was tame compared to what most of the East Coast got, yet it was still a prohibitive amount even by our standards.  By this time, we have so much snow accumulation, we go outside with fists raised when it starts to snow, and yell, "Bring it on, bring it ON".

Talking to the elements is generally the first symptom of Cabin Fever.  It's all downhill from here, skis optional.

All joking aside, this winter feels interminable.  For the first time, we've actually uttered the words, "We should sell the farm, move some place warm, some place mild...temperate...sunny", as our voices trail off.

Believe me when I say I revel in the change of seasons.  I love spring, summer, fall...and...wait for it...winter.  But this year, we've had a prohibitively cold winter.  A snowy winter.  A windy winter.  This morning, it was -8C and it was RAINING - the kind of rain that hits your windshield and freezes instantly.  The only antidote is to crank your car heater full-bore, super-heating your car to ensure you can look out the windshield.  Of course, you're in your winter regalia:  a down coat, a sweater, a muffler wrapped three time around your neck, and a pair of shearling gloves.  You reach your destination stifled, over-heated and parched, silently cursing this infernal season.

Ahhh, winter.
The cats are fed-up.  The dog is depressed.  I'm suffering what I've termed BWS:  the dreaded Beached Whale Syndrome.  (I can safely diagnose Tessie with the same illness above).  I am in love with the sofa, the wood stove, and have been eating myself into a chocolate-induced stupor.  Next stop: scurvy.

I don't know what the antidote is.  Maybe it would be a week down south.  Maybe it would pass if I didn't have to leave the house until April.  I went out for a nice long walk with Cooper yesterday, about 6 kilometers over the fields.  It was beautiful outside, but when I got back, I felt like I'd over-done it.

This morning, even Cooper stood at the top of the stairs and let out a long, protracted high-pitched whine, the kind he makes when he's hurting.  I know just how he feels.  I felt the same way, buddy.

Ahhh, winter.
I'm going to take a cue from BobCat and Schatzie, and go find myself a warm sweater, a warm spot and a sunbeam, and roll with Mother Nature's punches.


Robin said...

Man oh Man, you have been having a rough winter. It's fairly mild here at the moment and I am having thoughts of spring and warm weather. I hope it stays. It's so mild here right now that one of the geese decided it's a boy and has started humping another goose, which I'm assuming is a girl. Either they have cabin fever bad or their spring calendar seems a bit messed up. Don't they know it's February?!

I'm actually sitting by the fire right now typing and I already ate my chocolate for the day. There is only one piece left which I am trying to save for Lee. :) I've got the BWS going on bad too. lol Two weeks left by the way.

I can't even imagine driving in weather like that. I don't like driving in rain and that seems like a breeze compared to snow and freezing rain.

Shim Farm said...

Hey Robin, two week's huh? You've got a real, honest case of BWS going on then, LOL. I've got my fingers crossed for you.

At least your weather is cooperating. We were seriously looking at real estate on-line, but I don't know if Eric is west coast material. I know I am...I'd pack up and leave RFN. Hell, I'd leave without even packing, the way I feel right now.

Driving in weather like we've got isn't that bad really. You just need to know how to drive in it and avoid the yahoos in their SUVs. Winter tires are mandatory now, and although statistically it hasn't made a difference in accident rates, I couldn't imagine NOT having winter tires. You get used to it. What I don't get used to is scraping ice of the car, that's just rude!

The upside of course is the sheer euphoria we feel when it starts to get nice outside.

Enjoy your early spring, and keep your internet buddies posted about your latest "project" LOL.

Ron said...

Scurvy! LOL...

Dog is depressed! LOL


Laughter is good medicine. Man, I just about clawed the walls out sometimes in Minnesota by this time of year. Some years were just relentless.

Here it is muddy, which is its own form of torture. Nice weather temperature-wise, but can I handle the muck? Heck no!

Shim Farm said...

I know you feel my pain. Funny thing, every time I check out the Intellicast radar image, I swear it's snowing in Minnesota. It's got to be even more cruel than here.

I know I'm whining and bitching, but I've got a sense of fed-up-edness that's unsurpassed this year. I think we were spoiled by last winter.

Sometimes our spring can get really mucky, too. We've got a clay-ey soil that sticks to tires and pet's paws and rubber boots, but thankfully that season is shorter.

We just need to hang in there a few more months!

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