Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Dreaded Mid-January Year-End Review

I've been procrastinating about this post for the past few days.  I guess you could say 2013 was one of those years.  I'm not sure I want to look back, but for the sake of posterity, I'm slapping up a few photos:
Two fat cats, our lovely plywood floor and some knitting.  I'm happy to report my Rowan Soumak shawl is finally off the needles, and I have but 30 piddly ends left to sew in.  Hopefully by the time the weekend rolls around, I should have it blocked and photographed.  If the cats let me have it, that is.

Oh, fall was so pretty.  The light is gorgeous, and makes the barn look like this:
I've mentioned I love fall, haven't I?  This is what it looks like outside now:
No.  I take that back.  We've had a bit of a thaw, and now all of Odin's poopsicles are in clear view.  It's only white and pristine for a few days.  (Damn this infernal winter to hell).  December was vicious in many parts of North America, and January with that ridiculous "polar vortex" hasn't been a treat, either.  We've had some of the coldest weather in recent memory, but we've managed to stay warm.  Taking two weeks off in December helped, too.  Not having to leave the house during winter is a dream of mine.  Friends always joke and say they need a crowbar to get me out of the house, and it's not far from the truth.  If I don't have to go out, I won't go out.  Simple as that.

This cats looks how I feel.  A bit overstuffed and skeptical at this time of year.  This was a greeting card that became a gift tag, and it's been going back-and-forth between my friend's house and mine since 2008.  It never ceases to put a smile on my face.
It's anarchy in our house, I tell you.  This cat scratching post never got quite finished, a common malady in our house.  But Dindin loves playing with it.  It stands to reason that we have scenes like this, too:
BobCat in Odin's crate.  Wonderful.  Everyone in this house is screwed up a bit, I think.  (It might be a prerequisite, come to think of it).
Here we have Odin on Tessie's favorite bed.  And we have Capucine, who needs to sit INSIDE of things:
Capu is a real card.  She needs to sit in this drawer.  Likewise, BobCat and Odin have their issues, too:
Isn't it amazing how pets love to explore a new space?  I made some more room for our ever-increasing bottle collection, and both were happy to lend a helping hand. 
Odin is in his leggy phase.  I love this phase.  He's so disproportionate and goofy it's adorable.  This boy is going to get big.  He's close to 30 lbs. already and just over 4 months old.
Aaaand yet another for good measure.  In due time, Tessie will be able to have her bed back again.
Odin met the horses - and goat - next door.  He's quite fascinated by them.  If you look closely, you can see the foal on the right side looking at him.  The foal wasn't quite sure of Odin, but tentatively made his way over to us.
I was worried that Odin, considering he's a southern dog, wouldn't like the snow.  I wasn't worried for long.  He loves the snow, and buries his head in it, sniffing out bunnies and mice.  He also knows how to keep warm:
His favorite spot is right beside the wood stove.  Hmmm, just like me, come to think of it.
Yet another project on (and off!) the needles.  One strand of Rowan Cocoon and one strand of Kidsilk Haze held together.  THIS is the way to knit.  I haven't quite decided if I should redo my cast-off edge or not.  Sitting by the fire, dog at my feet, sun setting behind me, I think this was the closest to knitting-heaven I've ever gotten.  I also frogged and re-knit this project and it wasn't even a chore.

Awww.  Poor old Schatzie.  I never thought when we adopted a 20 year-old cat she'd last 8 more years.   It's amazing just how much we miss them, even Schatzie, the ancient thorn in my side. Godspeed, little Schatzie.
This photo, taken last March, is one of the last few I have of Cooper.  Here he is, coming back from his early morning tour of the grounds. Godspeed, my dear boy.   I still miss him more than words can say.
An early spring sunset.  Come this time of year, we're hoping for a quick thaw and an early spring.
We had a lot of rain last year.  Some amazing storms blew through the area.
Mid-May, we had a really hard frost.  These were my grapes.  Needless to say, it wasn't a stellar year.  I keep threatening to tear yet another row of grapes out, and I might make it a reality in 2014.  Even our oak and ash trees were frost-bitten.
Wow, was it ever mucky outside.  I hope spring 2014 isn't a repeat.  I think Odin might need rubber booties if it is.
Our wheat.  It got lodged during a really strong downpour.  The plants in the front are Jerusalem artichokes.  Be forewarned, should you ever plant these, you'll never get rid of them.  Ever.  Plowing them under makes them duplicate as if by magic, too.
Again, we had some memorable sunsets.
And yet another.
And yet another.  That reminds me, we keep meaning to get lightning rods for the house.   We had an estimate for some gorgeous red glass-ball rods.  I'll have to rattle Eric's cage.  These lightning rods are on the little barn directly beside the house.
Our friend Isa painted this beautiful painting for us.  It puts a smile on my face every time I come down the stairs and look at it.  It's bright, it's perfect, and we love it.  Note Bob and Tessie snuggling on the sofa.
This is the view right out of our western living room window.   This was one of those perfect summer days.
A perfect early fall sunrise.
And the equivalent, a matching early fall sunset.

Onward we forge.  Here's to 2014.


Stephen Andrew said...

Your blog has hated me the past several times I've tried to leave a comment so let me test first....

Stephen Andrew said...

Yay! Okay. I love your review posts! What a year you had. Heartbreak, new love, and beauty abounding. Odin is HUGE. He has that barrel body more like a lab. Barbie has kept a greyhound shape. I smiled when I saw Campari was part of your bar. Mmmmmm.

Shim Farm said...

Hahaha! Blogger has given me fits on your blog, too! I think with all these Google/Blogger changes we're out of luck until they get the kinks worked out!

No Campari in the bar, but let me get right on that! There's a bottle of Aperol (which we might never finish, sigh!) and 2 bottles (!) of my favorite summer drink - Berger pastis that could easily be mistaken for a bottle of Campari.

Odin is tucked in beside me on the sofa. We had a rule in the beginning - no sofa - reasoning the sofa was the cats' domain. That fell by the wayside, and now the sofa is pretty much his spot LOL. He loves it beside the wood stove, too, though. Seriously, I don't care. Cooper used to lie on the sofa as well and I reason, as long as they get down when I ask them to get down, I don't really have any issues.

He's losing his baby teeth now, the poor bugger, and won't even touch his favorite bully stick, which is normally his big treat. We started obedience training (there's an AWESOME training centre near by!) and while I don't want to say he's the head of the class, he's super-food motivated and LOVES going there! His training is going quite well, we still need to work on his recall and try and stop his counter-surfing before he gets even taller!

Stephen Andrew said...

Awww! Haha yes I meant aperol! I always mix those up. Mmm now I'm craving aperol. Haha. Oh I know it is too hard to say no to them on the furniture! They're just too sweet! So glad his training is going well. They are highly trainable dogs! The owners...we try :)

robin said...

Anne, how are you?!? It's been a long time since your last post.

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