Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sublimate Already

Once again, I find myself under the gun, trying to post something for March.  The digital camera holds no clues, but the iPad does.  The above photo was taken March 16th.  We've had warmer temperatures during the day, but no serious thaw.  Snow sublimates slowly.  (That alliteration is music to my ears, for so many reasons).  Sublimation is the transition of a solid changing to gas without passing through a liquid phase.  Kudos to Wiki for helping me explain that.  Basically, anyone who has hung something wet outside during freezing temperatures can attest to it (eventually) drying, thanks to sublimation.  That's the best analogy my gray matter can come up with, and I'm running with it.

Sublimation is our best friend during the spring.  With the ground still frozen, we'd rather see the snow disappear slowly than melt in a furious rush causing flooding.  We're on track for a great maple syrup season, which means plus temps in the day, and freezing temps at night.  That's when the sap flows best.
Good ol' Tessie.  She never misses an opportunity to help me block my knitting.  Here, my Swingboat in Rowan's Tumble is being unceremoniously flattened by Tessie's heft.  I forgot this scarf at my LYS, and when I returned to pick it up, someone approached me and offered me a tidy sum of money for it.  Since this was Christmas wool, I had to buy more and knit a replacement.  A fun project even the second time around.
Odin is the biggest pain in the ass, ever.  He's pure hound (there's not a stitch of Labrador in him), and always, always, always goes after the cats which makes me crazy.  BobCat is the main object of his affections, as evidenced here once again.  Poor Bob.  Sometimes, he claws Din's collar and clobbers him good.  Serves you right, Odie.
Here I am, installed at the kitchen table trying to finish my Longing.  Thanks to my dear friend Elaine who again sewed my sleeves in, I now need to hunker down and finish a few seams and sew in a few ends.  I will never attempt a dark sweater in the depths of winter, ever again.  I'll still get some mileage out of this sweater this spring though, have no fear.
Can you see Moby Dick?  Well...I thought it looked like Moby Dick.  We spend a lot of time looking at the fire.  Probably some time in May, we'll stop using our wood stove, and I'll get used to the hearth around the wood stove being clean again.  This year, we need to look at getting a replacement, since this stove has seen finer days.  We've got a few models in mind, so I'll keep you posted on our findings.

Eric is going to be furious at me for posting the above photo.  I called this colour "Divorce Court Green", because if he actually thought of using this colour, I'd high-tail it outta here so fast his head would spin.  I have never had such a violent and instantaneous visceral reaction to a colour - ever - in my life.  I hated this colour so much and was so furious that even now, just thinking of it gets my hackles up.

Of course I needed to take a photo for posterity.  Eric is going to defend himself by saying it was just a test - ha!  Stay tuned for the final approved colour.  It's going to be bold!
And just to prove my point that we are still working upstairs, here's a photo of our unfinished knee-wall.  The joints have been done and the wall has been primed, and now we're waiting for the pine boards to be delivered so we can finish the angled part of the wall/ceiling.

Slowly but surely, we're plugging away.


Stephen Andrew said...

That is so funny about O! He really does look very hound! And he's so much bigger than Barbie. But even with his naughty little grin he is so damn cute!
Hope it's warmer now!

Mallorie said...

Thank you so much for explaining the whole "freeze dry" thing! I have read about pioneer people "freeze-drying" their laundry outdoors in various novels, and I could never understand how that worked. I always imagined them carrying in frozen stiff clothing!

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