Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Clean your Wood Stove Glass the Eco Way

Move over commercial wood stove glass cleaner.  There's a better option in town, and it'll cost you 2 pieces of paper towel and some H2O:

Observe the morning after a nice, comforting fire.  Your glass is bound to be dirty.  There's a quick and easy solution.  Grab two pieces of paper towel, and a spray bottle filled with tap water.
I'm cheap so I use those choose-a-size towels.  Two little pieces will do for me.   Give the (cold) door a quick spritz, and the folded paper towel too.
Then dip your moistened paper towel in some white ash, and go to town on the door.
That's IT.  I mean it.  Spray your door with your water bottle once more, and remove the residue with your clean paper towel.  I've been doing this for years, and I promise you it's so much easier than those drippy, messy commercial cleaners.
VoilĂ !  Sparkling perfection.  Everything in life should be this inexpensive and easy.  Total time, start to finish?  A grand total of 3 minutes, photos included.


Robin said...

Haha! I didn't know they made cleaners for this. I remember when we got our woodstove and being dubious that water and ash would work. It still surprises me every time how clean it gets.

Shim Farm said...

Happy to see you here, Robin! I still have the original bottle they gave us with Wilf II under the kitchen sink. I dust it off every so often, but really should make a point of giving it away or taking it to the hazardous waste drop-off.

I cleaned the glass again this morning, and I always marvel. Maybe I am a simpleton, but it amazes me every time!

Hope you guys are doing well and that spring has sprung in your neck o' the woods. We're in a deep-freeze here, but it's been an easy winter compared to the last.

Looking forward to spring!

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