Monday, June 7, 2010

The Green Mountain State

We took a little day trip down to Vermont via New York state last week. I'll save you the sordid details of our comic interlude as we crossed the border, courtesy of Mr. Rayban and Mr. Buzzcut, and I'll save you the non-details of our entry back into Canada, where we obviously had woken up the border guard and weren't even asked for proof of ID.

The day started off overcast and humid, we'd had a lot of rain the day before, but once the skies cleared, we were in for a treat.

Route 108 winds its way down Vermont through Mount Mansfield State Forest, truly one of the nicest roads I have been on. Pardon the dash in the photos, I was just dumb-founded by the scenery and wanted to take it all in, all at once!

The road sign below says ROAD NARROWS:

They aren't kidding. The ROAD NARROWS:

That's a Smart Car above, so you can have an idea about the scale.  Cars literally have to wait for the all-clear before heading around the next blind curve. The scenery was so breath-taking it's hard to describe without sounding melodramatic.

Vermont is green and undulating. The people are friendly, the landscape is gorgeous, and the architecture is beautiful. I can't get enough of Vermont.

I love pastoral scenery, John Deere tractors, and old barns with stone foundations. I'm batting three for three above.

This photo was taken from the bridge with the car in motion, hence the terrible quality, but clearly shows Fort Montgomery in Rouses Point, NY. The story behind it is interesting, so have a look at the link.

We love Vermont and can't wait to go back. We love the smooth roads (and the wi-fi hot spots!), and the breath-taking scenery. At risk of gushing, Vermont just shines.

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