Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Lopi Success - The Love Affair Continues

The 4 skeins of L├ętt-Lopi I had ordered were to make myself a pair of felted flower-power slippers. While making the kid's version, I entertained thoughts of making myself a black pair with gray, black and silver flowers. I wasn't quite sure how to go about making them, so I scaled up the kid's sizes using a linear calculation. (I should also add I only ended up using 2 skeins, having about 2 or 3 metres of wool left from each skein. That means I get to make another pair!)

I reasoned (hoped!) that the shrinkage would be proportional. It was. I used a provisional crocheted cast-on, casting on 46 sts on 4.5 mm needles. I increased 2 x 2 stitches in the middle of my first and third knit rows, for a total of 50 stitches. I wanted to create a rounded heel, and was successful using this increasing technique. Observe:

After 50 rows of knitting back and forth, I now started to knit in the round. To do this, I cast on 6 stitches that would form the bridge on the top of my foot, for a total of 56 stitches (14 on each needle). I then knit in the round until I had completed 36 rounds. I decreased the toes like I do for normal socks, using K2tog and SSK's until I had 4 sts left on each needle.

I grafted the toe stitches together, and removed my crocheted chain (tip: use slippery yarn!) so I could also graft the heel stitches together. I didn't want an uncomfortable sewn seam at the back of each slipper, and this was the only way I could think to do this. This extra effort made for a completely seamless slipper. (Before felting, always make sure your ends are well sewn-in and trimmed.)

Here's the before: (Appreciate the rounded heel, please!)

And here's the after, pre-trimming:

Before trimming, the are mega-fuzzy. Observe:

Has a nice Yeti look to it, doesn't it? They're almost terrifying! For what it's worth, I wear North American size 8.5/9 or Euro 39 shoes.

I trimmed the fuzz using my trusty Olfa scissors. (Seriously, if ever you see these scissors at the store, ignore the hefty price tag and buy a pair. You won't be disappointed, I promise).

Here's the end result:

I am really pleased with them! They are as pretty as I had imagined, and I had fun combining lots of odds and ends to crochet the little flowers. I used pearls and silver beads to decorate each crocheted flower.

Check out this little detail I found at the bead store:

The little silver hands say HAND MADE. I LOVE IT!

I still have to treat the soles with the Super-Grip spray, but there's always later for that. This is the pair of slippers I plan to take along to friends' houses when visiting. My "home" slippers (clogs actually) have had it; I am embarrassed to wear them in the house, let alone take them places!

This way I can step out in style!

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Shepherd's Loft said...

They're very cute. You can wear them with pride.

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