Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Pine Floor - Part Six

And we have lift-off!
The first coat of primer is down.  I did the cutting around the edges with a brush, and Eric rolled with a 5/8" nap roller.  As he rolled, I filled in some of the deeper gaps which he then later stepped in.  Oh well.  My intentions were good.  The whole job didn't take more than 1-1/2 hours, which was welcome, considering how long we took to remove the Varathane, and sand like mad-people.

We're happy with the effect.  It's an old floor, and the imperfections are still visible, yet it's a clean, solid surface.  It's what we were envisioning, and we're happy.

No, let me take that back.  We're ecstatic

We're not sure when we'll reapply the second coat.  Zinsser instructions say 45 minutes between re-coats, but we're waiting longer than that, considering the surface we're covering.  I'd hate to have the paint start to wrinkle or worse.  We've seen a couple of misadventures in wood finishing, so we're going to err on the side of caution and wait a day or two.  We'll see what the humidity is going to do as well. Zinsser says not to apply if the relative humidity is above 85%.  Today we're at 86%, and going up to 26C, which is going to feel hotter and more humid as the day wears on.

This product is really thin, yet extremely opaque with a good coverage.  I think I'll have this stuff under my fingernails for the balance of the week, it's that tough.


Robin said...

How exciting!!! It looks nice from the picture.

Lee and I were eyeballing the humidity and temperature today for painting. Stupid rainy weather! Doesn't it know I have some things that still need painted?!?!

Shim Farm said...

Eric managed to put down 3 coats of primer. This week we'll put down the first coat of paint.

Can't say the same thing about our weather! Last week we had frost and it was cold and rainy, this week, glorious sun, blue skies, and temps in the mid to high 70's.

I really hope your weather cooperates so you can get some more projects completed.

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