Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review

Once again, going over my photos of 2012, there are so many I haven't posted.  There is no hope to make this post cohesive, so I'm jumping in with both feet:
We had very little snow in January 2012.  We got off easily during the entire 2011-2012 winter season, with little accumulation and extremely mild temperatures.  We had a warm snap in March, timed perfectly for Eric's birthday, where we celebrated in T-shirts and had beer on the patio.  That's never, ever happened.  I'd take a repeat in 2013.
Once again, we were spoiled with many beautiful sunsets.
With our warm snap in mid-March, suddenly everything came to life.  The fields were green within days.

We managed to maintain the grounds quite nicely if I can say so myself.  We took advantage of our head-start, which helped immensely.
Yet another photo-worthy sunset, this one taken on Eric's birthday.

Spring seemed greener than green.  It's so nice to see the change in seasons.  While I bitch and moan about the frigid winter temps and prohibitive snowfall, and hot, humid and stifling summer temperatures, I don't think I'd ever have it any other way.  I marvel at the change in seasons, (yet reserve the right to complain every step of the way).
We had some really amazing summer downpours.  On May 29th, we had 30 mm of rain in a very short period of time.  We always had rain in the nick of time, and copious amounts of it.  Many areas weren't was lucky in 2012.  Many fields were destroyed by hail, while others dried out. We consider 2012 a good year.
We're still on the look-out for timber-framers who can fix our old barn and return it to its former glory.  Desperation is right around the corner.
We had a lot of very nice evenings, and I took the opportunity to take long walks with Cooper, doing both of us good.
Once again, the swallow babies were fun to watch.  But this year, as soon as the fledglings could fly, the whole family disappeared.  Like with every spring, I keep my fingers crossed, and every year, a nesting pair comes back.  We'll see what 2013 brings.
We added another cat to the fray.  Little Capucine, AKA "The Pin-up", or Swiffer, or Cappucino has turned out to be one awesome little cat.  She's completely adorable, a quick learner, and wormed her way into our hearts at warp-speed.
2012 saw me tacking some projects I've procrastinated about for far too long.  Sorting through the storage space in our barn was one of those projects.  The above photo does not do this quilt justice.  It's made up mainly of ties, and has a sheen to it my camera skills could not capture in the limited light.  When our upstairs renos are done, I hope this will find a place of honour.  I used to scour flea markets for old linens, and this is one of my favorite items. 
No, I take that back.  This is one of  my favorite items.  A dégradé satin stitch table cloth depicting poppies.  This is a work of art, and if I had a square table in the house, this would see use.
Hard to believe this cross-stitch sampler is nearly a century old!  My grandmother Helene Dolch cross-stitched this in 1914, as a 14 year-old.  I come by my love for needlework honestly.  The base is a dish-cloth, and it's been meticulously stored for all this time, waiting just to be framed.  It might take a century, but it will happen...

(And I take everything back - my Oma's cross-stitch is my favorite!  Also, I have no clue what happened to I and J and Y, and likewise have no clue what 18, 24 and 36 represent - any clues?)
In days of yore, I used to refinish old furniture that I'd pick up at yard sales and flea-markets for a song.  I lost many a neuron to paint stripper fumes, and will probably lose many more when I tackle the chair above.  Or maybe I'll just sand it and take it to a body-shop and have it sprayed white.  I haven't quite decided what course of action to take.  But one thing is clear - when our upstairs is finished, this baby is moving into the house.
When I had Capucine spayed, I gave a lift to a neighbour's cat as well.  In return, I was given a dozen beautiful eggs from Mimi's mom's backyard flock.  What a sweetheart!  I was so touched, you'd think I was given gold.
Cooper turned 10 in 2012.  It's hard to believe 10 years have gone by.  I still remember the cold December morning I found him as an 8-week old puppy, at the side of the road and covered in snow.  What a gift!  Not only is Cooper a handsome boy, he's sharp as a tack, and has the temperament of a saint.  A dog like this comes along once in a lifetime, and I cherish every day we have with him.
Highway 30 was finally finished.  While I'm not thrilled about having yet another 4 lane highway within hearing distance, it's a necessary evil.  Zoomed in, it looks closer than it is, however, it's about 1.5 kilometers from the house, and down-wind to boot.  Things aren't that bad.  Given that our road was turned into a massive crescent because of the construction and all of our traffic is now local and not through-traffic, we're far better off than we were before.
We had so many amazing sunsets this past fall.  You can vaguely make out our house and barn in the distance.  With the construction of highway 30, a major drainage ditch that divides our property needed to be dredged.  We needed to replace the culvert pipe anyhow, so the work was timely.
There's a drill press in our living room.  Remind me again why?  Oh yes, so the Patient Wife of 2012 award can be hand-delivered to our house again this year, that's why.  (The prize?  Sawdust in copious amounts.)
We made new friends in 2012, and shared lots of laughter and food, music and libation.  One of our favorite winter dinners is a raclette, where conversation flows, the food keeps coming, and a good time is had by all.  And yes, we do light the Ikea chandelier on a regular basis, as well as its twin in the living room.

That, my dears, sums up a good year. There are many projects still on the back-burner, yet many accomplishments behind us.  2012 had its trials, as they all do, however we've weathered the storms, learned many new things, and stayed the course.

May 2013 bring more of the same.


Miriam said...

Happy New Year to you - and thank you for all the warmth and humour and beautiful sunset photos and renovation stories and knitting wisdom you have shared with us this year!

Shim Farm said...

Hi Miriam, same to you and yours! I hope we can get it together in 2013 (*staring at plywood floor in living room*) LOL. So many UFO's laying about, but we haven't given up hope quite yet! Have a good New Year's eve!

Ron said...

It's nice to review old photos... during the trials and tribulations, it doesn't always seem to me like much gets done. In retrospect, there are lots of nice sunsets, lots of good times, lots of learning, and lots of progress.

I enjoyed your photos and recap... have a happy new year.

Robin said...

Yup, it does seem like you had a good year. I love that tie quilt. I've never seen anything like it. I like that you use the candle chandelier because otherwise what is the point of having to dust your candles. Besides, it's super cool looking. New friends, great conversation, food, and libations are some of the best things in life I think.

I was just thinking today about the past year for Lee and I. We didn't get nearly as much done due to me (and my complaining has been epic for the last 7 months lol) but it has been a good year.

Happy New Year to you!!! Lee and I are off to celebrate with friends and light some fireworks and sky lanterns with wishes for the coming year. Silly, I know, but it's pretty to look at.

Shim Farm said...

Hi Ron, I have to really laugh when I look at old photos from when we bought the place in 2001. I recently came across a few snapshots previous owners had sent us. The gardens and house were unbelievable! How quickly we forget! The house could have easily been condemned. THAT'S when we realize we've come a long way. But the important thing is we're both (still) on the same page, have stopped to smell the proverbial roses (many times!), have learned a lot (primarily stuff we'll never need again) and had a lot of fun. Our friends keep coming back for more punishment, so that must mean something. We really love our house and property, and appreciate every little idiosyncrasy. If everyone should be so lucky...

May 2013 bring you and Mel and Abby nothing but the best it has to offer - health, happiness and excitement in just the right doses.


Shim Farm said...

Hi Robin, it's so nice to hear from you again. I've been thinking of you and sending you good vibes!

I used to have that quilt (which fits a double bed) hanging on the wall going up the stairs in my old condo, and lit with halogen spot-lights that brought out the sheen from all those weird ties. It's a show-stopper, and I love it. We had better find room for it upstairs, or bust!

Our Ikea chandeliers see a lot of use! They add so much ambiance to the place, and give off an amazing amount of heat to boot.

Fireworks and lanterns are amazing, doesn't sound silly one little bit!

Happy New Year to you and Lee, as well. Enjoy 2013, and hope it's as good as the last!


eagergridlessbeaver said...

out with the old and in with the new!..It just seemed like last year when we were saying goodbye to 2011! hehe..sorry.

Great shots..happy new year!

Shim Farm said...

Thanks EGB, time sure does fly...I remember toasting in 2000, seemed like last year!

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