Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Here We Snow Again

It's practically not possible, but we had another 25 centimetres of snow yesterday, with more forecast over the next few days.  If I trust Environment Canada's statistics, we've had 270 cm of snow, or over 105" this winter, breaking a 30-year record.

It's winters like this that make us want to pack up and leave, folks.  We won't mention that it's March 20th, and the official start of spring.   Just don't go there -  our sanity depends on it.

To add insult to injury, last year at this time we were wearing t-shirts, and this year, we're wielding shovels. 

It's been a cruel, long winter.
The days, however, are getting longer, brighter and milder by default.  We know the figurative end is in sight, but I think we're all so tired, we feel like we're crawling towards the finish line.

Even the cats go outside in the snow these days, where they race to the barn so they can poop in the gravel.  It makes so much more sense than going inside, in a litter box that gets cleaned 4 times a day, doesn't it?  Mental note to self:  pick up poop in barn while it's still below freezing outside.  Warmer temps mean...well...mushy cat poop to sort out of gravel.  Truly, the things I do for these animals...

There are a few exciting new developments, though.  Eric made true on his promise to move the drill press upstairs.  It was gracing the middle of the living room, so you can understand my delight that it's now out of sight.  Of course it needed to be taken apart to be moved, and my fear is that it will lie in pieces for a while.

Same thing goes for the lumber we had stored in the living room.  It's upstairs as well, so we've regained this huge amount of space in our living room.  The possibilities are now endless!

This clears the path for finishing the floor downstairs.  We're not quite sure what we're going to put down in terms of wood flooring, but it will most definitely be hard wood, and sanded and varnished in place if I get my way.  None of that micro-groove, pre-varnished junk we have in the kitchen.  Whoever thought a micro-groove would be a nice way to finish the edge of a piece of wooden flooring should be forced into hard labour that involves cleaning out said micro-groove with a paring knife.  It's especially challenging when you have several cats that track litter all over the house.

On that note, I leave you with tonight's sunset:
And, to add credence to my incessant bitching about the weather, here's an early morning picture of the same field taken exactly one year and one day ago:
The astute among you will notice a complete and total lack of snow.

The glacier can recede any day now.  Any day.

We'll be more than ready.


Miriam said...

Oh, I feel your pain from all the way across the country. It's nice sometimes to set a record, but it should be for GOOD things, like eating chocolate, or hours of sunshine, not for snow...

Love the pic of the snowy cat!

Shim Farm said...

But, but, but, Miriam...those records were broken too! I've resorted to eating chocolate chips right out of the Chipits bag, bypassing the cookie-baking step LOL, plus the record for eating mango sour gummis (why Eric ever brought those home I'll never know) stands at one pound in 3 days. Moderation knows no bounds these days.

But here I am, sitting in the sun, watching the icicles drip from the roof, and, while we can't ring the spring alarm yet, it certainly feels nicer than it did in February!

Miriam said...

Me again! I have just posted something on the Mucky Boots blog you might be interested in! XOXO

Shim Farm said...

Seriously. I am super-freaked-out.

You did such an awesome job on your sweater - way to go!

I am beyond chuffed!

Robin said...

Yeah, you got the drill press out of your living room along with the lumber. :) :) :) Things like that do wonders for the mental state. I hope your snow has finally melted by now.

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