Sunday, September 8, 2013

Moon Rise

Clear, clear, clear skies.  A glorious sunset, a wonderful moon rise.  Venus is at 2 o'clock.

The camera doesn't do justice to the colour of the sky.

The air is crisp.  Our low tonight is 4C or 39F.   I don't need to tell you the woodstove has been lit.

Ah, September.  I love thee so.


Ron said...

We have our attic fan running to cool the place off tonight. Definitely no woodstove for a while.

I sure am looking forward to fall weather here! We went from unseasonably cool to unseasonably warm this month. But it'll come.

Shim Farm said...

I still have a fan sitting in the living room. If the forecast for Wednesday holds at 88F, we'll get some use out of it. Summer's not over yet!

These crisp, cool mornings sure are a nice change though!

I just clicked on the Intellicast US temperatures, and heck yes, it's hot pretty much everywhere in the US, save for the North East, which we consider ourselves part of, weather-wise.

I guess we might as well enjoy the ride over the next few days!

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