Saturday, September 7, 2013

Stormy Weather

It's hard to believe but summer is winding down.  You'd think that with 45 years behind me, this annual recurrent feature called "fall" shouldn't come as a surprise.
September is a slap in the face, always has been, always will be.  Unless I move to the southern hemisphere, I think I'm screwed.

Maybe I shouldn't be worried, but considering summer started some time in July, I feel like I just didn't get enough down-time in.  Maybe that was bad planning on my part, or maybe it was weather-related, we'll see how I feel mid-February when the battery in my brain needs a boost.

We've had some remarkable storms blow through our area recently.  Here's the front moving in:
Within minutes it was pouring.
I always marvel at how dark it gets when clouds roll in.
Thankfully, the skies cleared up and the sun came out again, basking everything in a golden glow.
Facing east, we even had a beautiful rainbow.  I've opened the Velux window in the bedroom to take this shot, hence the corner of the roof in the picture.

Considering we have temps going up to 32C or 90F coming up, it's not over until it's over.  We should be able to squeeze a bit more summer out of September yet.


Miriam said...

September's always good for your favourite kind of weather - no matter what that kind is, September's got a bit of it!

What a beautiful shot of the rainbow!

Shim Farm said...

True wisdom! We've got a forecast high of 32C on Wednesday.

September. The month that can't make it's mind up LOL.

Robin said...

The leaves have mostly fallen in the park near our house now. I guess winter is truly here. It hasn't been raining at all and it doesn't feel like winter. I've been enjoying the weather but I suppose if it doesn't start raining it will be bad come spring. Maybe the rain can wait for another week or so. I have two cords of wood I need to stack under cover that was just delivered.

Shim Farm said...

Robin, I actually MADE Eric buy split wood this year, 4 face cords' worth. It's all stacked in our crappy falling-down woodshed, but it is protected from the elements. Eric also ordered a truck-load of full logs like he always does, but I told him if he wasted just ONE.SINGLE.DAY of his month-long leave of absence cutting the stuff, I'd have a conniption.

This morning, I pulled up the blinds, and, and, and (I have to compose myself here...) it was SNOWING! AAAACKKKK!!!! Mind you, it was just a few flurries, but the cars were all white, and it was just gross! If we had no snow at all this winter, I'd be so OK with that, you have no clue.

I heard the PNW is getting really nice weather this fall. Enjoy it while you can. The rainy crap is coming, I'm sure of it!

Actually, I've been looking at the weather maps, and it's like we're getting some really weird weather patterns this season. If we only have snow in December, I'd be OK with it!

Enjoy your fall, what's left of it!

Robin said...

Oh my, I have had that exact same conversation with Lee about wood. We actually have a pile of junky free collected wood that needs split and cut into smaller pieces. Thankfully, if Lee wants to split something he can work on that (which he started doing again because of a nifty new tool).

This time he didn't dink around with getting wood because of the baby. I actually think that our house is warmer this year. It shouldn't be but I really think each small thing we've got done has started to help.

I just saw a snow block mold for sale in a catalog. I kinda wanted it but we never get enough. After showing it to Lee I suggested we could drive to the mountains, make lots of blocks, and then bring them back to our house to make an awesome snow castle in our yard and puzzle all our neighbors. I would totally do something like that. :D

Shim Farm said...

Robin, I think Eric is enjoying that split wood more than he's willing to admit. Meanwhile, the trees he had delivered are sitting in a big pile...I'm not happy with that. Next year, I plan on vetoing this BS once and for all. It's not worth it, and probably ends up costing more when you figure the wear and tear on our chainsaws. Don't even mention the time issue.

Looking at all of your insulation projects, I'm POSITIVE your house is warmer. Every little bit helps. I remember when the guy doing our energy audit came by, he showed me where the air infiltrates around windows and electrical outlets using an incense stick! With just a tiny dab of silicone, we blocked the holes in the window frames (ours are PVC, and they leaked in the corner joints), and we added special air-tight outlet covers that you need to slide open. It all makes a difference.

If I could send you some snow, I'd do it, especially if it means we'll get less. So far, so good. We've got highs in the mid-50's over the next few days. I have NO problem with that!

Hope you're enjoying great weather too!

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