Sunday, March 16, 2008

La vieille dame

Welcome to our Threesome!

Hello and bonjour! My name is Ann, my husband is Eric, and we are owned by a house we like to call "la vieille dame", or the old lady. We like to treat her well which is why this blog was created, among other things. We like to think we're quite innovative and creative with regards to looking after her and renovating her, and we'd like to share our experiences with you.

Our interests are varied: I'm into knitting, cooking, baking, my dog and cats, and pretty much everything and anything in and around the house and garden. Can you tell I don't get out much? Oh, I should probably mention Eric in that sentence too, because he's the reason I'm here, n'est-ce pas? My focus varies with the seasons, and this spring I will be trying my hand at carving a vegetable garden out of the landscape. I'm gonna make the 100 Mile Diet the 50 Yard Diet. Top that! Right now it's still wood-stove season, so I tend to hunker down and knit or read.

Eric is into planes, boats, cars, bikes, pretty much anything transportation-related, and of course, home renovation. Eric will try his hand at pretty much anything - and when he wraps his mind around something, watch out!

We are both curious as hell, love to read and research, and basically like to find the best ways of doing some uncommon things, and become pros at stuff we'll probably never get a chance to do again. Did I mention Eric is very, er, particular, about home renovation, which is why the road we're on is very, very long?

Let me show the way!


lulu said...

Although (or maybe because) I've spent most of my adult life in big cities (and my childhood in the 'burbs), I often fantasize about doing what you're doing, and even more so after reading The Omnivore's Dilemma. Kudos!

Muddy Acres said...

Hi Lulu: Let me tell you, it's no way to make a living! We have been trying to find ways to be more self-sufficient, but it is a long road. I think if we HAD to survive off our land, we could, but (thankfully!) we have other income streams. Have you read Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Vegetable Miracle yet? It's a real eye-opener. (For instant gratification, you can visit the family's website and Thank you for your kind comments; it's nice to know someone's out there reading!

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