Sunday, November 6, 2011


This is a quick 'n dirty knitting pattern: the Duffers AKA the 19-Row Felted Slippers, designed by Mindie Tallack:

Well, considering my obsession with Lopi, it was just natural that I should churn out a pair in my beloved Lopi.  These are knit with the "regular" Lopi - not the light version.  One skein made one pair of slippers.  They are infinitely squishable, so I tote them around in my various knitting bags when I take my knitting on the road.  What's a knitter worth without warm feet?

These were finished in one evening of easy knitting.  I chucked them in the laundry hamper with the intention of felting them with a load of jeans.  That took a while, since they were in the bottom of the hamper with Eric's wool work socks, which I let accumulate until there's a decent (albeit small) load's worth.  Finally, I zipped them in a laundry bag (to mitigate the loose fluff they create in the washer), threw them in the wash and forgot to check them during the wash cycle.  Thankfully, they felted perfectly, and fit me to a T.

I'll be making more, that's for sure.


Shepherd's Loft said...


Shim Farm said...

I love them, they are really comfy! I've got a few on the knit-worthy list for Christmas.

Robin said...

Those are so cool. I want a pair. LOL

I don't wash Lee's wools socks until he is all out and complaining fiercely. That is why I always try to add a few pairs every year to his stash. I'm good at pretending I can't see the dirty sock bucket getting full. hehe

Shim Farm said...

Hey Robin - you knit, don't you? This is an easy project, seriously, NINETEEN ROWS. That's it! Sew 'em up, chuck in washer, Bob's your uncle. LOL...they are super-comfy.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who stock-piles working socks, but I have a little secret now. Eric used to love those gray work socks we used to buy at Costco, but they're so fluffy that they "contaminate" pretty much any load of laundry which is why I wash them alone (i.e. let a ton pile up!). Costco now has merino wool work socks, MADE IN THE USA, 4 to a pack for something like $12. They don't look like the "classic" gray ones with the stripe, and they're waaaay more comfy and form-fitting. These don't fluff up the laundry anymore, so you can chuck them in with a load of jeans. We're loving these new work socks a lot.

Robin said...

I don't think I could have a pair of slippers at the moment if they didn't have rubber soles. Our house is still to much of a construction mess. :( I would love to make a pair later.

Too bad we don't have a Costco card. That sounds like a good deal. I can never go back to cotton socks after having wools ones. Neither would Lee. He always gets swampy feeling feet in the cotton ones. At least that is what he says. :)

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