Friday, November 4, 2011

More Photos in No Sensible Order

We've been having the most beautiful weather.  The US North East and our Canadian Atlantic provinces took a beating Halloween weekend with a mega-storm, but we were spared and had unbelievably beautiful - and unseasonable - weather.

The corn is drying in the fields, and will be harvested in the next week or so.  The next few days' forecast has highs of 14C, somewhat uncommon for November.  Let's hope winter is as gentle with us.

The fields are beautiful.  When the sun hits the corn at the right angle, and the wind is blowing just right, it glistens like waves on a lake.  I love this time of year, if only it didn't go by so fast.

Practically every night presents us with a spectacular sunset.  It's a shame sundown starts earlier and earlier.  I do find this time of the year a bit perturbing for its short days.  There's still so much to do outside.
We had a spectacular sunrise the other morning.  It's unfortunate the camera can't capture its true beauty, so you'll have to pretend a little.  I took a few photos out of the Velux skylight in the bedroom.  Tessie thought that this would be a great way to access the great out-of-doors and promptly jumped up on the window frame and started to slide down the roof, much to her surprise.  It's a good thing cats have tails to reel them in with...and it's a good thing my reaction time is sharp.  (That said, Howard once fell out of the second story window, and he did it so masterfully, using the side wall of the house like Spiderman to break his fall, that when he landed in the grass, he walked away like nothing even happened.  All in a cat's day.)

Speaking of the Velux skylight in the bedroom, this is what greeted me when I drew up the blinds this morning:
WOW, just WOW.  The most spectacular frost I have ever seen!  It was breath-taking!  I stood and stared for a long, long time.  I don't recall seeing anything like this before.  It was perfect in every way.
Spectacular, indeed.  I wish there was a way I could have saved the window for posterity.  A few pictures will have to do as a reminder of another beautiful morning.  I also probably don't need to tell you it was a pretty heavy frost last night.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.


Robin said...

Wow that is beautiful. I thought it was pretty glass at first, not frost. That is just stunning.

Shim Farm said...

Robin, I can't tell you how disappointed I am when I pull up the blinds and find...nothing...or just plain old ordinary condensation! What a letdown! It was just gorgeous.

Shepherd's Loft said...

the frost on the glass is absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing your wonderful home with us.

Shim Farm said...

Linda, we are so lucky because the beauty around us is simply breath-taking. It's important to take the time and marvel in it - but I think you know that already! Thank you for commenting - we do have a wonderful home and love to share our "discoveries" (I use that term lightly!) with others!

Woody said...

I've never seen frost make such an unbelievable display.

Shim Farm said...

Hi Woody, glad you stopped by! The frost was...breathtaking...! I've seen a lot of frost in my day, but nothing has ever come close to this.

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