Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reno Day 5

Eric had a bit of a shopping day today - we managed to get some Roxul Flexibatt, and at a decent price as well. In the end, Reno Depot ended up having the best deal, and as an added bonus, every 13th bag is free.

The weather has changed our plans a bit. It is going to be prohibitively cold for the next few days, so we are going to finish one east-facing outside wall. This is what Eric did today:

Eric is cutting a 2x6 to fit the wall. Since we have a 3x3 cross-beam here (under the window), he needs to cut around it. If you look closely at the 3x3, you can see that it is hand-hewn lumber, and not sawn. This is the hallmark sign of old construction. The 2x6's are at 16" on-center, this is primarily to facilitate the installation of Gyproc more than anything, and to accommodate the Roxul Flexibatt, which is 16" wide on this wall. (Everywhere else we are using 24" wide Roxul Flexibatt).

This is a picture of 2 studs which are now up:

I know, I know...don't get too excited. These are somewhat mundane details, but then again, you're not the one doing them! The boards these studs are screwed in to is the exterior of the house. The boards are from 2-1/2" to 3" thick tongue-and-groove construction, and form the main structure of the house. Thankfully, the condition of these boards is good, there is no rot, ergo, no need to replace. When we change the exterior of the house, we will have the opportunity to see these boards again, just from the other side. Hopefully, this will take a few years.

Here you can see the fancy cutting Eric needed to do to make the studs fit. Everything fits tightly, and it's straight!

This means we will be able to insulate this wall tomorrow. And that means our house just got a bit warmer.

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