Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reno Day Whatever

So, it is official. I have lost count.

Today is Wednesday, and if I do a bit of mental math, it's probably a cumulation of Reno Report Day 12/13/14/15, or thereabouts.

Eric finished insulating the second section shown above, and now we are at a logjam of sorts. We have several issues to deal with.

Our first issue is what to finish next. Logic dictates it would be the third section, however, this section contains the door to access to the knee-wall. It is through this access door that we need to exit when we finish the insulation of the knee wall, ergo, this section will have to be done last.

The second issue is the problem of the tool room that we have to deal with (hiding behind the wall in photo below).

The only logical thing to do is to start at the opposite end of the wall and work our way back. This is easier said than done, given that the tool room at the opposite end contains each and every single tool we own, (correction: those that aren't lying in the living room), and is therefore chock-full to the proverbial brim.

It would have been nice to leave this temple to the reno Gods untouched for a bit longer, but alas...

The tool room is so hideously jumbled that I keep the door closed at all times, and when guest touring our home point and inquire what is behind "that" door, I change the subject and shuffle everyone along quickly. Our very own little shop of horrors.

Last weekend, I went into the tool room in an attempt to move everything out, but it soon became clear that this would be Eric's job. I don't want to be the keeper of the tools, having to answer to "where'd you put the stapler/drill/toolbox/router/etc." ad nauseum for the next several months. I hung my head and left the tool room dejected. I was ready to start swinging my crowbar and take out the panelling, but I needed to wait for Eric to work his magic.

So Eric was the organizational guru who re-arranged all the tools in every spare nook and cranny of our house. I am surprised I didn't find any in the dishwasher or wall-oven when I came home from work today, because believe me when I say there are now tools everywhere. One detail sadly lacking in many old houses is an attached garage, a basement, and an accessible attic that can hold all these possessions. Hence, the need for the tool room.

But Eric plugged away, and this is how things look today:

Prior to being the tool room, this used to be our bedroom, a detail I am embarrassed to admit. The lamp, soon to be a PiƱata, I despise with a passion reserved for very few things in my life. I truly hate this lamp. I am tempted to swing my crowbar at it, however, I will give the lamp a second (or more likely third) incarnation and try to find a home for it. So to whoever is willing and game...come and get it and the two others I have stored already.

When I saw the mold behind the panelling, I suddenly realized why I used to have sinus infections all the time when we slept in this room:

There's a lot of mold in this room lurking behind the panelling. Above we have a Gyproc wall, and on the adjacent wall, we finally have some Tentest:

I say finally, because it's seemingly the only finishing we haven't come across yet.

I said we were going to have a life-time supply of kindling; well, I lied, okay? We burned through the panelling like you have no idea. We have been in an interminable cold-snap that still has us in it's grips (with added snow, to boot!), so we heated the house almost exclusively with the panelling for the past few weeks.

It's now time to cut some more!

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